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Landscape Visual Impact Assessment

Farm Development - Yeadon, Leeds

TEL Landscape were commissioned to carry out a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment for a farm development near Yeadon. The assessment involved detailed research into the sites surrounding area and production of a landscape mitigation scheme.

landscape treatment

Farm Development - Myton-on-Swale, York

Production of a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment for a large farm development within a greenbelt area. The proposed landscape treatment helped obtain successful planning through softening the proposed buildings into the agricultural setting.

landscape visualisation

Fulneck School - Pudsey, Leeds

Images to demonstrate how the proposed development will relate with the existing landscape. This includes displaying the valuable retention of the existing mature trees to the sites boundary.

site appraisal

Landscape Assessment - Yeadon

Detailed landscape appraisal of the proposed sites locality. Research of the site's circulation, including footpaths, road networks, canal and train lines were all aspects of the assessment before providing appropriate landscape proposals.

vegetation and landmark assessment

Residential Development - Kirkby Overblow, Harrogate

Production of a landscape appraisal through detailed site investigation of the localities landscape characteristics. These included vegetation patterns, land use and various landmarks within the sites locality.

topography assessment

Fulneck School - Pudsey, Leeds

Production of a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment supported the successful planning application for the re-development of the sports facilities at Fulneck School. Through studying the topography of the sites locality, a landscape scheme was created to soften the developments impact on the surrounding environment.