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landscaping around listed building

Farm Development - Otley

Landscape arrangement creating various areas to a Grade II listed farm building within a green belt area. The layout includes formal terraces, paddocks and a cottage style garden with traditional planting techniques. Throughout the design process a main objective of enhancing the expansive views was implemented.

large garden design

Garden Design & Build - Addingham

A large garden designed to sensitively sit into the surrounding landscape and 'borrow' spectacular views down the Wharfe valley. Bold drifts of soft planting including grasses and flowering perennials contrast with the formal arrangement of the hardscape leading the eye away from the central dwelling, through the garden and into the surrounding countryside.

landscaping a large garden

Garden Design & Build - Rawdon

The strong geometric layout connects various levels and areas of the scheme including a walled garden, swimming pond, lawns and dinning area. Further water fountains and traditional topiary add punctuation and hierarchy to this classical design.

garden 'rooms'

Garden Design - Burley-in-Wharfedale

Creation of garden 'rooms' for play, dining and relaxation. Special site requirements meant the raising of the gardens levels to prevent flooding while retaining the numerous amounts of high quality existing trees.

Baildon Garden Design

Garden Design & Build - Baildon

Design and construction of a large garden including a formal terrace, woodland walk and driveway arrangement. To the terrace garden bold drifts of soft, flowering perennials contrast with the specimen planting of sculptural grasses to highlight various aspects and locations of the garden. Colour and form last late into the year providing seasonal interest.

building work on large garden design

Garden Design & Implementation - Harrogate

Connection of a large home with its open landscape and distant views. The designs notion was based on the contrast and connection of the formal gardens to the house with the wider landscape of meadows, woodland and paddocks. This connection was achieved by scale, structure and a diffusing planting scheme.